New Ultra, deleted installed software

I just purchased the Ultra passport. I have a Mac, so went to format it to work on Mac. It wouldn’t give me the partition option. So I erased it, then it gave me the option so I formatted it to work on my Mac. But now there is nothing on it, no software or anything. How do I get the software back on it?

The software is available here:

Select the “Downloads by Product” tab, then just pick your product.

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Another mac user who bought the PC version of drive instead of the Mac version, and decided to format it. You blew it clean and I don’t think the software that was on would work for a Mac anyway. (Should have bought a Mac version of drive).

So do I return it, and get the Mac version? I just want to move all my photos from my Mac onto it. My hard drive is full, and need to clean up some space.

Your drive is totally fine. Do not return it, you did no damage it, and you can use it. This is why:

I need to clarify my comments for you… You obviously bought a drive that says on the box something like “Compatible with PCs and Macs.”, which is true, meaning it can be used on either machine. But, it was formatted for a PC, unless the drive box said it was specifically formatted for a Mac (then you would do nothing but plug it in).

So, when you plugged drive into your Mac, the Mac likely gave notice that the drive needs to be formatted to work on this Mac computer. You did so. If it also asked “Do you want to use with Time Machine” and you would have answered NO if you just want to use it for a data drive to move photos to, and you do.

The software deleted during formatting from the drive was only for a PC; not a Mac, and the partition was a PC partition likely separating the software from the rest of the drive. So, you don’t need anything… You are ready to use your drive, it is blank and ready for you to create folders on and move your photos onto.

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Thanks! So I just drag my photo library icon over to it, and wait for everything to transfer, correct?

I would suppose so, but then you know how to work a Mac better than I do. :wink:

I suppose that would copy the folder, and then you can go through old folder and delete individual stuff if you want to, but then your only copy of them is on external drive. So, check it real good for any problems. After it is all copied see that the Mac tells you the two folders have the exact amount of files in each. That would be a good test and an easy one.

Suggest you get some advice from experienced Mac users, Go to the Apple Mac forum. Just don’t delete any from PC until you “have a plan” of how to proceed. further.