New TVs not displaying files - old TV and PC fine

I recently bought a couple of new TVs - a Vizio M series and a LG UB9800 with webos.

Both TVs can connect to the WD My Cloud EX2 that I have, but display no files.

My old TV (LG 47LW6500) connects and displays the files fine - as well as my PC.

Is there any additional setup I need to do on Twonky or on the My Cloud admin? Or on the TVs?

How are you accessing the media with the old TV and the PC?  Using the MyCloud as a Media Server, or as a File Server?  i.e. what application are you using to view media on the PC?

I’m going to assume that the old TV was accessing the MyCloud Twonky Media Server, using DLNA/UPnP, rather than accesing the file system directly.

Not familiar with either TV, but you might look for a ‘Search for UPnP/DLNA Server’ option in their menu.

You might also try setting the Media Receiver type in Twonky.  See:

You may need to enable the receivers in the Twonky UI, too (so they’re allowed access).  The default is to allow all devices to access, but you may have modified that setting.

[goes to read user guide for new TV.  oh, there isn’t a detailed user guide; it’s on the device itself…]


all are accessing as DLNA. Every TV can SEE the WDMyCloudEX2 device, but only one TV can actually see the files. I have setup every device and “allowed” them in the Media Receivers dialouge.

I have read the link that you sent and it doesn’t tell me anything new - although I did setup My Cloud with a “static” (remembered IP) from the router - I also turned off firmware updates automatically.

I have tried SSHing into as root but none of my passwords work, or the default so I can only use the default user it provides (sshd).

This is incredible that I can get DLNA to work on an old TV but not on the newer models - and additionally a Blu Ray player that I bought recently…!