New TV, need some Encoding tips

I got tired of my 46" LCD and decided to go shopping, and picked up a 65" that should arive today. I have been using Handbrake to rip DVDs, and while the quality is really good, the file sizes are usually 1.5g using the default settings.

 Anyone have any tips or tricks to get the size down? I am ripping right from the DVDs and would like to try and get the file size down to 700-800meg. I am not too worried about HD for these, if I really want to see them at 1080p I can watch them off the BluRay player. These are mostly old horror movies from the 80s that I really liked =P

I’m a little confused – are you talking about DVDs or blu-rays?

If DVDs, then your best bet is to use the High Profile preset and just reduce the RF to 22-24 (keep reducing it, by adjusting the number higher, until you find a quality that you can’t stand.  Then lower the number slightly from there).  You should be able to get the size to your range quite easily.

If blu-rays (NOT DVDs) then you’ll have to reduce the resolution (to 720p) as well as lower the quality (raise the RF).

Cool, I will try that when I get home, thanks!