New to WD - Blue Ray v Media Player?

I hope you guys can help me.
I am a big DVD fan enjoying great picture quality on my 5.1 stereo system.
If i buy the Live TV Media Player will i be able to stream/download up to date TV Series and Films with DVD/Blue Ray picture and sound quality?
I cant get a straight answer from the store salesman.
PS i live in Asia and i am led to believe i will be limited to channels i can tap into.

Your help is much appreciated.
Thank you

Uhm, discussions of piracy are strongly discouraged…  You’re risking getting banned with your first post!  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the heads up! All new to this!,
I have amended the message.

Do you have an answer for me?


I think you’re asking two different questions.

Above, it seems as though you’re asking if the WD can DOWNLOAD Bluray quality video.

No.  The WD doesn’t download anything.

If you’re actually asking if it can PLAY bluray quality (HD) video, yes it can, subject to the specifications described in the manual.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes i am asking if i can play HD picture and sound 5.1.
Ok thank you.
So all i need to do now is to check out what services are available in my region.