New to NAS; have basic ? about difference between logging on to IP vs MyCloud

Working my way through installation and setup. Don’t understand the difference between logging on via IP address vs As Admin in the IP method, created 2 new accounts (user 1, user 2).

If I change the pswd for a user (e.g. user 1) it says this “does not change”

Is there a relationship between the users created via IP and those that end up with MyCloud access?

Why does the system tell me there is no change to the MyCloud login when I change the pswd for the account while logged in as admin?


Hi TomCarp,

The dashboard on a My Cloud EX2 device allows a user to access the device’s internal settings, options, and features.The dashboard of My Cloud can be accessed by entering either the name (or IP Address ) of the My Cloud EX2 device into the URL field of the web browser.
While allows to remotely access a My Cloud data from the remote location, a Cloud Access and account for admin must be created. account is specific to access My Cloud data from remote location and should be used by the admin. There is no change in account if you change the My Cloud dashboard account password.

Thanks Brandon,
Now understand why a pswd change from the device dashboard wouldn’t affect the MyCloud user data.

Been doing some testing of user management from both dashboards (device and MyCloud) which is helping to make things clearer.

You mentioned that the MyCloud access “should be used by the admin”. It sounds like that design would not create other users. Our NAS is on a home network and its just two of us, each with our own laptops.

I was on the path of creating 2 users, which would allow each of us to add/remove/share etc. shares/files. The users have read/write over everything, with no groups or quotas. The admin user would then only do device work, including enabling capabilities.

The NAS will be mainly used for client backups and public files. The client backups are put in a client share. Pictures are stored in a public share. Would like to have some sync but haven’t gotten there yet. Dropbox will do fine for now.

Is there another way for someone to get to the NAS shares without using MyCloud?

Our NAS device is on a home network. There are only 3 PC clients, me, my spouse, and one used infrequently as a music library and home light/outlet controller. All 3 clients automatically connect to the home network.