New sshd constantly show the fail message

I bought a brand new WD slim sshd 1tb recently. Installed in my laptop and looked everything worked fine. However, it constantly shows me an error message below;

S.M.A.R.T status bad, back up and replace.

There is no reason that the sshd status is bad unless it has bad sector as far as i know. I did check disk and checked bad sector, but there was no issue. What i guess is that it is sshd and it may have different way to use/install.

My laptop is Asus N53sv
Intel i7 2nd gen 2.0ghz
Ram: 16gb
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Use Data Lifegaurd to actually check the SMART values. CHKDSK doesn’t do that.

Hi, Tony. Thanks for your quick response.
I downloaded and launched it with extended scan and got a result that has no problem actually. Does this mean that I do not need worry about it any longer? I attach the screenshot.

I would suggest disabling SMART testing in your BIOS.