New Release on WD EX2 too?

Is a new Release coming to EX2 too? Because the USB Bug is still there… only EX2 isn’t updated now.
Why there isn’t a release at this time?


At the moment, I don’t have any information about a new update for this unit.

You can try contacting WD Support to see if they have any information as to when will have a new update on the unit.


as the EX2 is removed from the website (WDC Network Storage Overview) i have the urgent feeling that the EX2 is discontinueed und will not see any updates in the future… :frowning:

I hate to say it, but it appears WD has decided to mess with existing owners of the original EX2. WD should be ashamed, this will be the last WD product I will ever purchase. When a company does this, consumers should take action by posting in as many forums as they can, as well as by making all efforts to not give said company any additional cash. What a shame, I used to be a fan of Western Digital, not any more.

I opened a case by WD Support, they don’t know why the EX2 didn’t get that update…
They asked about a system report too, well now i’m waiting for response.

System Report for why a update has not been released for a certain model? well…thats really a stupid question, but thats the way the wd support acts.
I would need to get rid of my EX2 as soon as possible… :rage:

Product update for My Cloud EX2

Firmware Release 2.11.142 (3/29/2016)

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I understand that WD targets the value segment of the consumer NAS market, but despite it’s one positive thing (for me) that they provide the firmware source code under GPL, the drawbacks of a WD NAS in areas like very limited app availability and ancient software (see -> Old MySQL version how to upgrade), is very disappointing.

And another:
Cloud firmware 2.11.142 (4/4/16)

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It appears an apology is in order, WD has finally released an update for the EX2.

Sorry for the negative criticism WD.