New Red Plus 1TB HD - Tapping Sounds?

I just replaced my Tivo HD with a new WD 1TB Red Plus. This driveline is used by many Tivo owners and it has been noted as being a quiet drive. Mine however makes a sound every 5 seconds or so, almost sounds like dripping water! Does this sound normal or should I RMA this drive or send it back to Amazon?

Here is what it sounds like…


Typically, hard drives will make low-pitched whirring or whining noises – particularly when they’re booting up or accessing/storing data or clicking noises. Such sounds are perfectly normal and not a cause of concern. However, abnormal drive sounds include grinding sounds, vibration sounds due to either vibration in the mounting hardware or drives failure, repeated clicking, or clunking sounds.

“How To Tell If The Noise or Sound An Internal Drive Makes is Normal”