New Passport Ultra everyday use..?

To all,

Just purchased a new Passport Ultra (1 TB size). I intended using it as a backup drive for my PC as current external very old ICY-BOX case with normal size HDD is nearly full. This case has it’s own cooling fan & mains plug/transformer power source. I’m self employed & my PC is on most days of the week for 12-hours or so a day. My ICY-BOX HDD was also switched on for similar times, the internal fan keeps things cool.

I know technology has moved on, so was wondering if the new Passport Ultra can be left plugged into my PC & be o.k. for these long hours of use. I could I guess just plug it in at the end of the day & make a conscious backup…? Any comments will be most appreciated.

Over & out,

Either should be fine. There are pro’s and con’s for doing each. For example plugging it in and removing it may wear the connectors/cables over time, and of course you need to be careful to use the safe removal (under Windows anyway) option to prevent any risk of file corruption if you just pull it out (especially whilst writing to/from it, or with files open on it).

Similarly if you keep it plugged in all the time, you need to be careful not to knock it on the floor or similar as any HDD is fragile against falls and serious bumps/knocks.