New Passport not showing

This is the first time I have tried my brand new Essential Passport.  I had an Apple dealer/shop transfer old data from an older, failing external harddrive for me.  They claimed all files except for two were fine.   this is the driive I use with my windows desktop.

The light is coming on and the new hardware ‘sound’ recognizes it but it is not showing up anywhere.  I have checked at the device manager and nothing.  Went to Windows update and it recognzed it as well and I chose the update for Western Digital.  

I can also select it from the Safely Remove Hardware window.

I have not dropped it or damaged it in any way.  Nor have I plugged it in to anything other than my Windows desktop.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.  

First look in Disk Management and see how the drive is formatted I think it’s called file system. It should be NTFS if it’s for Windows. If the old drive was formatted for a Mac they probably just copied it using Mac format which Windows can’t read. I wonder about the format since you went to a Apple dealer. We need to know the format before going any farther.