New passport external hard drive

I have just purchased a 4tb passport external hard drive is there any set up instructions I could read anywhere?

Not really, they should be fairly much plug and play. The user manual should be included on the device itself as part of the shipping package, and you can read that.

Alternatively you can access the documentation here for the MP Ultra, or if you have a different version click here and select your device at the top to go to the relevant page.

There are some optional programs you can use which are listed on those pages, for more advanced features like encryption and diagnostics.

Cheers for the reply,

No instructions with it at all just wanted to know a few basics, I have it connected to a shield pro tv when I turn off my tv box my hard drive still stays powered up should I leave it on all the time??

The instructions are in the manual.

As the drive is powered from the USB, there’s no way to turn it off other than by unplugging it (as the TV seems to keep its USB ports powered when it’s in standby). Whether you do that or not is up to you. It shouldn’t hurt things to keep it on.