New owner of a hub - 5.1 audio cutting out ever few seconds


Just received my Hub from Amazon a few hours ago and I ran into a problem.  When playing my MKV files on my hub that are Dolby Digital 5.1 my receiver constantly changes from 5.1 to no sound and back to 5.1 for the whole movie.  I can only go into audio settings of the hub and turn off the dolby digital 5.1 then the file will play with out cutting out but no 5.1 sound.

I have a Sony receiver connected via optical cable.  I purchased the Hub to get away from the PS3 Media Server and I play the same file on the PS3 and the file plays correctly with no dropouts.  When I transfer the file to the Hub I have the problem.

I use the same audio optical cable from the Hub that I used on the PS3.  So the optical cable is fine.

I seem to recall I had this problem maybe a year ago with the PS3 media server, but it dissappeared with an update.

Anyone seen this problem with the Hub.  I hope I do not have to recode all of my movies.  This is occuring on more than one file and they all play fine on the PS3.



Check if you have the latest firmware update installed. Also check if the same problem happens with other type of files. 

All my multi-channel MKVs play fine on the Hub with the exception of those with Dolby True-HD soundtracks. They do play when the Hub is set on “passthrough” and connected to my Onkyo receiver via HDMI, but when using the optical output directly to the TV only audio formats supported by the Hub will work.

I do have the latest firmware as it showed it was available, so I tried that first. I tried a few of my other files and they still have the audio drops. 

I have to try other types.

What audio formats are accepted by the hub?  I know when I read reviews by people on the boards, almost all the reviews said it played everything they threw at it.

I have mine set to “pass thru” but going to optical out as my receiver is a few years old without hdmi inputs. The only other choice I have under audio is stereo.

It just concerns me as the PS3 media server could play these files with no dropouts.

If you’re on passthrough then the problem is with your audio system since the Hub does not touch the audio signal when set on passthrough regardless of whether you are using HDMI or optical.

So if the ps3 can play this file with the 5.1 audio working correctly is there any adjustment of settings to the Hub that allow my AV receiver to play these files correctly as it does with the PS3? What is the PS3 doing differently that the Hub is doing that causes the 5.1 to cut on and off? I can take the optical cable out of the hub and plug it into the ps3 while they are playing the same file and the Ps3 sounds amazing.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.


Is your PS3 handling audio processing or is it on passthrough mode as well? Like I said, on passthrough on the Hub the audio is not touched and all processing would be done by your receiver. It sounds like the PS3 may be doing some conversion on the audio. You need to do a mediascan and post the results so we can see what audio codec your file is using.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a mediascan?

Also, the only two choices I have under audio are stereo and digital pass through.
If need be can the hub do audio processing if the ps3 is doing it? Is there any other options instead of replacing the receiver?



After you Install it … *Right Click* on your Video File … then *Left Click*  MediaInfo

then …  File > Export > Text

Copy’n’Paste the info from the *.txt file (edit movie/tv title names for privacy if you want to … before posting)


Thanks I’ll download it tonight.

It seems I was doing something wrong as I was using handbrake.  Yesterday and today I tried MakeMkv and my copies are playing fine in the hub.

Thanks for the responses.