New OS5 - There are no apps in the appstore of my DL2100

I’ve done my Upgrade to OS5 on MyCloud DL2100.

My problem is, at the dashboard/apps there are’nt any apps in the appstore. I urgently need the apps for remote, internal and usb-backup.

Can you help me? What shall I do?

@Hapebb what error message do you get?
Is it “No Internet Connection” ?
Can you access this .json file in a web browser on the same network as the DL2100?

The following article may be helpful.

Error message is: “Keine verfügbaren Apps“ (in english: “no available apps“)

Yes, internet connection is o.k. I can access the .json file in my web browser on the same network.

Status is Internetzugriff. That is in english internet access.

I think the problem must be searched on the WD server. Maybe the .json file is not at the right place.

The instruction send by SBrown is helpful. Inside the ASCII Text of the .json file you find the link to download the .bin file of the required app. After download you can install the .bin file of the app manuel via dashboard.

Thank you dswv42. You’ve done a very good job. That is a useful list and the handling is easy.

Anyone knows what´s the maximum streaming rate at which WD MyCloud OS5 can play music?
I understand Spotify would only stream music at a quality of up to 320kbps and Tidal offers better ouput, but what about OS5?

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es, internet connection is o.k.

I have the same problem, no apps available.
Has someone found a solution.

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Same problem here, support was no help. Manual install of several apps just says “Updating…” and times out. This has crippled my use of this device.