New Nov 2011 purchse - Netflix missing?

I’ve done some searching on this forum but didnt’ come up with an answer, hence my post.

Just purchased the WD Live HD from Future Shop here in Ontario, Canada and with the latest firmware on the device all but 2 things seem to be working fine.

1st, Netflix is missing on the Services menu.  A fellow posted on the Future Shop website under User Feedback that WD is working on something new/different in regards to Netflix and that is why it is missing from the device.  Is this true?  Could I/we get a comment on why Netflix is advertised on the box, yet is missing from the device when we get it home and hook it up?

2nd, Video library - when I go to my network share full of MKV’s … I see them fine and play great.  :)   When I change the view in my WD box when in my video library to thumbnails with medi info (which is what I would really like), there is no medai into … so it is not going to the net to pull in the details.  I believe my files are named correctly as XBMC on my PC scrapes the dir fine and builds the movie info.   I don’t see in my new WD box where I would configure this.  Is it automatic and not working, or am I doing something wrong?   I’d love for my movies to show a bit of text detail when I go into that view, and not be blank.


New WD Live User.

Ontario, Canada

Hmmm.  That’s odd… NetFlix Canada definately works in the latest firmware (1.04.12)

Yes!!  I posted this on Sunday morning and learned late Sunday a new firmware just came out.  And Netflix is working great now!  :)

Thank you!

I should mention my video library scraping is now working great too!