New netflix interface **bleep**

I’ve always loved how quick and easy was searching thru the categories on the netflix interface for the WD TV Plus but since like a couple of weeks ago a new interface was introduced and I feel it has lost usability not improved it. Anyone else here agree and could WD please return it to the way it was?

thanks WD!

Search and ye shall find…

WD doesn’t control the interface.   NetFlix does.

the interface remains unchanged on my other devices like phone, Wii console, and pc. Only looks different on WD TV Live Plus so WD has to do something with it

Nope…  WD has nothing to do with it.  

WD uses the newest netflix API which is based on HTML5.   NetFlix can (and does) now change the UI any time they want.  All prior UI changes required a WD firmware update.  Not any more…

ALL new devices have been updated to the same interface; my LG TV, my LG Bluray player, sony PS3, etc. etc. all of my WDs.  

thanks for your input.

I agree. The new interface **bleep**. The old one was great and easy to use. The new one seems a backstep.

But it does seem to be Netflix’s UI. At the same time the WD Netflix UI change, the Netflix website UI changed too, using the same UI.

There is a simple, but annoying bug though that might be fixable by WD. The movie description font is clear and legible when you first start the Netflix app, but for some reason after watching a movie, when you go back, the font is smaller, pixelated, and very difficult to read.

The netflix configuration has changed with wd live and really does not do justice to the search they had before.

I called netfix and they actually tell me that it is WD who changed it and that i must make a complaint with them .

The new looks is awfull and you cant find the movies as easily as before. Its a pain . is there anyway to change this because no one i know like it and people are thinking of getting ride of wdlive .

they now have on the left side each description of the movie. can we eliminate this and only look at it when neeed or interested?

I second this. This interface is totally [Deleted]  I can’t find the categories I want. There are a ton missing. And it’s just awful to browse for any movie. I want it back to the old UI. Anyone know how we can emial nextflix? I can’t find any support email to th em for suggestions or forum issues regarding their horrible interface.