New NAS replacing old OS3 devices

I have 3 older MyCloud OS 3 devices and I am getting a newer PR4100 and I am wanting to move all my data over to that. However, with 2 of the devices, I can’t connect them to the internet due to the ability to erase my data. Can I hook up the 2 to a switch along with the new PR4100 and then connect that to my laptop and move files that way?

If it is possible how would we get around the static IP issue?


My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (

How would connecting the My Cloud devices to your network router cause them to be erased?

Just access the My Cloud Dashboard on the devices you have an issue with and disable remote access. Or if the router supports the option, block broadband access to the My Cloud devices you are worried about.

If you do decide to go the network switch route (no router, no DHCP server) then you will likely have to set a static IP address on all the My Cloud devices through the My Cloud Dashboard and on a computer if you plan on using a computer to copy the data from one My Cloud to another. One can connect the My Cloud to their PC and use the Dashboard to configure a static IP address.

How to Access a My Cloud When Connected Directly to a Computer

I do not understand this statement. Is the concern with OS/3 and the WD servers being down. . .something bad will happen to the data?

If that is the case. . . .simply pull the internet WAN cable from the router. . . .the network will work normally, just without internet access.

Now; if you are copying using a laptop, this process will take time. . . . ESPECIALLY if the laptop is using wifi and not a wired connection. I would suggest either

  • Connect to NAS units using SSH and winSCP to execute the copy directly NAS-to-NAS. (depending exactly how you do this. . . . you may need to leave the PC running for this to work
  • buy a USB ethernet adapter (probably $20-$30) and get a wired connection from the laptop to the network.