New MyPassport Stopped Working

I had just finished backing up my videos and disconnected the device, brought it downstairs, remembered a few other videos I wanted to back up, plugged it back in, and now it’s not showing up on my Mac. It isn’t showing up for Disk Utility or if I use a different cord. I tried restarting the MacBook several times as well, no luck. Any advice? I would really like to get it working again or at least be able to recover my videos that are now deleted from my iphone.

Oh of note the white light is consistently on on the MyPassport.

Thank you, I’ve tried connecting to another computer and downloaded and tried professional data recovery software. I was actually coming downstairs to back up the hard drive to another device when it happened, it literally stopped working in the time it took me to walk down my stairs. If you have any suggestions for in person data recovery please let me know, or if you have any other suggestions I’d welcome them.