New MyPassport forces users to install drivers

The new My Passport disks come with a feature called “SES Device” that can’t be disabled and force users to install drivers.

Please, resolve this!

The drivers you ar elooking are inside the virtual CD for Smartware. Check the following link for more instructions on how to install it…

This is a removeable hard drive; no one wants to install drivers on every computer that it gets plugged into. I do not even have admin rights to install software on computers at my job. How can this be disabled?

I second that. I just bought one and am waiting for it to come home.

I bought it just for videos, music and photos (for my WDTVLive), not for back up.


Ignore the request to install the drivers. You can still accesss the disk.

Google around guys. You can update the firmware and then disable the virtual CD if it annoys you.

Along with the proprietary USB cable, WD made some very questionable and aggressive design choices with this drive.

I’d love to talk to the product manager responsible and give him/her a piece of my mind LOL