New MyCloud firmware ...and SSH issues?


a time ago I noticed in the forum here that MyCloud devices (2.Gen) have new firmwares. So I turned on my device and I am waiting the whole day to be notified alout the updates, but nothing happens. After manually chaning up for new versions, MyCloud says I am on the actual version 2.30.181 which obviously is not the last actual firmware version. That should be 2.31.163.
Last firmware update also did not came automaticlly and I had to update manually. Of cource I know that I can do this manually, but the question is why MyCloud is not able to check for or to notify about new firmware?!?

does one have expaination or solution?

@cska133 Use the link below and read the information provided for the update.

oh dear… do you mean that they are for manual update ?

if so, I can not understand why they made this critical updates only for manual update?!? no sense…

However, I read that after the firmaware 2.31.149 there is a issue with SSH access.

Is this solved or is there a workaround?

could one please check if SSH works on v. 2.31.149/2.31.163?