New MyBook user question


I have recently bought a new My Book for my Mac and was wondering if I am able to backup files onto my drive as well as move files there, and have them physically not on the computer.  I want my files backed up but I need more space on my computer.  I guess, is there a way to transport files from the computer to the drive and vice versa, or would I need another drive altogether to do that?

Yes, you can do many thing with your new external drive.

You can use the WD Smartware software came with the drive to back up all data

from your computer to the external drive and from the external drive back to your computer.

Or you can manually copy files from your computer to the external drive yourself.

Or you can use Time machine software built into the Mac OS 10.5 or later.

You just pick one choice that you are comfortable with to use.

If after you have backed up all data to the external drive,

Please verify them and make sure they are play back correctly  before you delete data on your computer.

FYI: It is a good idea to keep your most important data in several places incase one fail.

How do I view files on my book external drive to make sure they were copied before I remove them from my computer, I’m mainly concerned about pictures I have saved. I have a Mac mini 10.4 tiger system. Thank you