New MyBook LX Issues:

Just bought a new 3TB LX and I’m having major weirdness:

  1. Any file that is saved that has a decimal point before the suffix is now adding @0, or @1 before it, i.e., index.html is being saved as index@0.html; image02.jpg is being saved as image02@0.jpg. What’s up with this and can it be turned off?

  2. I have another MyBook drive (5000HT) and the so-called WD ‘smart’ware’ won’t see it or back it up.  And…

  3. I have the majority of my files in a root folder called ‘Projects’. Smartware won’t allow me to add it to the backup list. All it wants to back up is "Pictures,’ ‘Music,’ ‘Movies,’ ‘Mail,’ and ‘Documents.’ Is there a way to get it to back up the folders of my choice?

Thanx, Les

1- How are you copying those files?

2- Smartware only works with drives that come with Smartware, and does not copy data from external drives.

3- Folder selection is a Windows-only feature.