New Mybook 2Tb external Harddrive

Hi there,

I bought the external harddrive because my laptop was going to the shop, and they suggested I have the data backed up incase that was the problem.  I had a local computer store do the work, everything went fine, computer went to the shop and came back ok too.

The question is, the computer store only did a direct transfer of my data, they didn’t install any of the smartware programs. 

I’m wondering if  I can or should still install all that, or if it will compromise all the data that’s already on the harddrive.  It’s functioning fine for external storage so far.   And I’m not sure what I would gain from installing the smartware programs anyway.

Another,related question, when we unplug the harddrive from the laptop, and then plug it back in, we can’t access it without restarting the computer, though it allows me to view the smartware files.  Would installing them help with this problem?


Personally I wouldn’t bother with the Smartware unless you want the password function. I made one backup with Smartware and uninstalled it. When you remove the drive are yoou using the remove safely icon in the taskbar? You should or you may corrupt the drive.


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Thanks, that’s good to know about the smartware.  i don’t actually need the password protection.

Up to this evening I had been unable to make the “remove safely” thing work, but of course I tried it right before I typed this, and it worked just fine, so I will be able to do it properly in the future.  But I still can’t plug it in and have access.  i have it the external labeled as drive “g”, but  when I plug it in it shows up as drive “f” and i can’t change that.  (well, I don’t know how, anyway)

thanks for your help!