New MYBOOK 16TB USB 3.0 reprehensible support from WD

Spoke to a rep at WD, he sounded like he was in a wind tunnel, and would not call me back though he did ask for my phone number and I gave it to him, he also did not give a name.

Issue is that after initial TimeMachine backup I will get backup failed within a few days
tried some basic troubleshooting*, reboots, etc.

  • I have reformatted the drive, again it works then fails after a few days.

  • Updated the firmware installed the WD Drive Utilities

  • Run the app in an admin account.

  • Ignored ownership of the drive.

• Removed all files associated with TM in OS X and reset backups.

After updating firmware and running the WD tools I as I had read installation could assist in this the Console was inundated with pages entities of:
WDD DriveUtiltiyHelper: Checking status postponed while WD Drive Utilities, WD Drive agent or firmware is running.
WD Drive Agent: Sending HTML failed
WD Drive Agent: Sending HTML failed
WD Drive Agent: Sending HTML failed

After being on hold I was asked by the tech to drag/drop a file and it threw back
error -50, which apparently is not reproducible on any other drive connected. I’m put on hold again, the tech says “this is mac error we can not help you.” so I ask him “what is an error -50” (I already know) and he says “its a Mac error we can’t help you, call Apple”

So while I’m entitled to 30 days complementary support I would hardly constitute this support as very complimentary. WD knowledge-base has nothing for MyBook and TM though they have KB for NAS devices and TM but I’m over USB not network.
At this point I’m going to return the drive to the distributor and go with another vendor. These forums have several posts with users having issue with TM and WD drives and mixed results as to it’s success. So while this drive may have other application where it shines the backup from what is needed to do over Time Machine is far from one of them. I can not recommend this drive to apple users who need a TM solution and to waste $500 on something that can not be depended on should be considered before anyone else purchases this device.