New My Passport 2.0TB USB 3.0 - accessing stored files

OK I have the new 2.0TB model of My Passport. While I have had older and smaller models I am a newbie when it comes to the WD SMARTWARE. While there are a few downsides of using WD Smartware I am seeing the advantages and like it so far as long as I can find the answers to a few questions. With that said, I am in day three of using this drive. and at this point I have only two questions: 1. Accessing the stored volumes to see and copy files direct - I can see the couple of folders and files that were created today in the I:\WD SmartWare.swstor folder. I can access, open, and copy files using Windows Explorer. That’s great. The not so great is I don’t see anything for the initial backup, there are no folders, no files. How do I get to them using Windows Explorer? 2. What do I need to do to access these files from ANOTHER COMPUTER using the same OS , which is Windows 7 x64? Thanks in advance for any info you might offer.

The files are located under the smartware.stor folder

you will see a folder like C / computername/ Users or public/ your name / files

the files do not need to be copied to the backup folder when manually copying

make sure to backup to a different folder manually

Thanks for the response, but I’m still having issues. I am backing up two drives from my computer, C:, and another physical drive E:. I can manually explore the saved backup folders for drive E:, they are in the folder you mention, but I still cannot find where the initial back up folders for C: are. In WD Smartware I can see the listing for C:, retrieve files, etc. My objective is to figure out how I can access the files that were backed up for drive C:, using windows explorer, so that I can be ‘assured’ that should my computer fry (it’s my own build, 3yr old Win 7 i7 Audio screamer) I will be able to get to my backed up files manually.