New My Net N900 hardware revision available

Hi All,

I just purchased this router for a heavy discount only to find that in the same store they are selling an alternate version for MSRP. The only difference between the two listings in the manufaturerID.

Old one (on-sale) = WDBWVK0000NSL-HESN

New one (MSRP)  = WDBWVK0000NSL-VESN

Can someone explain if there has been a hardware or design revision which address the communities concerns? There must be a reason for a new ID & it is clear that stock of the HESN is being cleared for a low price. 

I will not post direct links to the products but  the shop is NCIX. Has anyone else seen this pop up in other stores? 


Well, this is interesting. 

Maybe one has a SMB version different from the other. And this is a hing on what to do to solve my ID problem when I try to access files on a USB attached hard-drive from my universal Blu-Ray player…



Bump for WD to clear this up. This sounds like hardware revisions to me

No hardware change.  -VESN is Canada specific packaging.