New My Cloud no Smartware free Acronics

So I have been reading that in January we will get a 20% off certificate to purchase a new My Cloud that will not have the Smartware software which I know and love but will have a free copy of Aconics. Reading other posts I am concerned about the amount of CPU usage of Acronics. I have also read the documentation for Acronics and if I read properly I am concerned about how it works saving “parts of files to make a copy” versus the Smartware where I could set up how many copies of files, with a date, I wanted to save. Does anyone have any issues with Acronics in this area and if so have you changed to a different product? Thanks,


A My Cloud Home will not be affected by this change! Why are you worried about Acronis?

If you own a device that has OS3 then you should post your topic in that sub-forum for the device you own.

If you need more information about Acronis check it out here.

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