New My Book Elite 2TB setup

Bought a new My Book Elite 2TB, Hooked it up and automatically backed up files fine. Went looking for files could not find half the files. Using Windows XP and have the two separate log-in’s. The back-up only did one of the log-in’s files. The second log-ins files did not get copied over. This is my first time using a back up disk, not sure what to do? The program allows changes to the retrieve file destination, but says it will save the files over. I would like to save the entire C: directory. Can someone help! Thanks in advance.

If you’re using SmartWare to backup the files on your system, it won’t backup the C: drive.  It only backs up all the file extensions that are set up in the software.

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I am having the same problem.  2 log in accounts on Windows XP and it only backed up my side and not my wife’s side, where we keep ALL of our pictures.  Can someone provide specific instructions on how to set up this backup drive to also copy my wife’s log in side.  I’m sure she would also like her address book from Outlook Express also backed up.  Please help!


When you have multiple users on the system, one user may not have access to another users files. Typically you need to login as the secton user and perform the backup under that user account. I would also recommend the latest version of the SmartWare software ( if you haven’t updated it already.

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