New Movies Only Filter finally but it shows NO Movies

So you finally added the Movies only filter to the SMP which is great. That is one thing I really wanted, BUT, when I select it, it say I have NO CONTENT???

The TV Filter Works great, the ALL filter shows my movies and TV, but the MOVIES filter shows nothing.

I have my bluray movies on one NFS share in a directory called BluRays(there are no subdirectories. All the BluRay movies and artwork are all in the BluRay  folder). On the other NFS share, I have one directory for DVD movies called DVDs and a directory for TV called TV. It sees the TV shows but not the Movies Only.

What exactly does the “MOVIE” filter look for to ID a movie?

I had the same issue initially, but clearing the media library cured it for me.

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Yes, that was it. Thank You. Odd because I rebooted the machine which I thought did the same rescanning but I guess the clear media does something more.

Rescanning only looks for changes, clearing starts from scratch.