New MBL 2TB - weird issue

Hi guys

I got my MBL 2 TB today.

Took it out of the box, plugged the ethernet into the MBL and my router and plugged in the power.

I let the MBL switch to green and try to set up the MBL using the setup program (Im using a mac book air and thus downloaded the program). The setup program is UNABLE to find the disk whatever I do (try another port etc.).

However - in “Finder” I’m able to find the drive just fine, and logging in to the drive with “admin/admin” works as well.

The drive is, however, not recognized by OSX as a valid Time Capsule.

What do I do now?


Hi, check if you have the latest my book firmware update installed, also check the link below for the steps to map the my book on your Mac without the installation disk.