New MB 2TB Formated

Please HELP! just purchased WD MB 2TB & reformatted the HD. It is showing up as Drive E. 

Properties > Used Space is 188 MB, so the WD propritory soft ware is still present

but I did not SET-UP a Password & does it have AUTO BACKUP functionality??

The LED is blinking ON/OFF.

Seeing as I FORMATTED the disk, I am wondering if I stil have this functionality, if not, how do I fix it?

Windows 7, 64 bit, bla-bla-bla.

Many thanks for any advice as to how I might get back square 1.


You may download and install the WD Smartware software in order to backup your computer using this drive.

Thank you. Please allow me to tax your generocity further. 

Being a novice in these matters, please! there are a stack of different MB’s out there & non seem to match my MB. 

The # on the back of unit is as follows SERIAL # [Deleted] & the MODEL # WDRACW0020HBK-EESN

Its just a plain old MY BOOK… your guide to essential backup.

Please mail me the actual URL for the smartware for this MB.

Thanks in advance & have a good one. 


Please try this link.

Much obliged & thanks the URL did the job & this is 1 happy punter :slight_smile: