New Manfer Theme

This is my second attempt at a theme. again its tried and tested on firmware 2.07.17 and is just the front end.

open to any criticism or advice. 


It looks very nice, thanks for sharing it.

Thanks… just getting used to how things work.

I am considering a full theme… have got lots of ideas, BUT think it will take me a while before i release anything.

Hey Manny!

Glad to see you trying your hand at theming…You’re a man on a menu mission. :smileyvery-happy:

One thing… I would say that the graphics are perhaps a little on the small side. Just my opinion.

Im working my way to a full theme. just getting used to how things work, and trying ideas out. thats why so many front ends. trying to find the right look.

The problem i have is i dont own a hub, well i did until i about 3 weeks ago,  got fed up with WD. Yet we do have one at work that loops company videos on a 42 inch screen, and i test the frontends on that, and occasionally on my 50 inch at home and the navigation buttons look huge lol. Thanks for the comment., on size tho, will take that into account. do have 2 more front ends to be released, they are just conversions from another designer. 

@ Mannymiller

QQ- Quick question

Why The Ferrari logo?

Guessing you’ve got one! :wink:

:smileyvery-happy: to be honest, hate them… give me a lamborghini any day. 

i was trying out red and yellow… and just came across that sheet.  im liking carbon and chrome at the moment, but its been done before. more so on the gen 2 and live.

im loving the black mamba theme quality, which is stunning. but not my taste in colour., so just throwing bits together at the moment until something grabs me.