New Macbook 10.11.3 - WD Utilities Installer crashes

I have a new MacBook Pro with 10.11.3 and I can’t get My Book to mount. I tried to install the WD Utilities but installer crashes every time I try to run it. Any suggestions?

Hi, unfortunately I do not have a mac that I can try to install the WD Utilities. However about the drive, are you able to see something in the disk utility?

The drive eventually mounted but the utilities installer still won’t run.

Hi, I have the same problem on 3 different Macs with “WD_Drive_Utilities_Installer_2_0_3_30”. It crashes every time. Are there some news on this? Thanks.

Same for me.
WD Drive Utilities
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Installation was not able to complete