New issues with browsing to my MyCloud


Past couple of weeks I’ve had this issue - I can no longer \ browse to my MyCloud shares.

My primary router is a DHCP server for my home network, and is hard-wired to a 2nd old router that’s running dd-wrt as a “client bridge.” My MyCloud drive has a fixed IP address, and I can log into it via the interface thru my web browser. My firmware is up-to-date.

At first, I thought that my laptop was connecting to router 1 but the MyCloud to router 2, and that was the problem. I don’t think that’s the problem.

My laptop is in a workgroup called WORKGROUP. The other day, my MyCloud was also in that same workgroup. Today, it is not (though it is set up to be, in the UI - I use Advanced IP Scanner to see the workgroup).

I can ping the IP address of the MyCloud. I cannot ping it by name. I have flushed and re-registered DNS on my laptop.

I stumbled on info that says Windows 10’s lovely automatic updates may have disable something that I need to browse to my MyCloud: SMBv1. I have no idea what this is – but I followed WD’s instructions for reenabling it, rebooted, and my device shows up under Storage and Media Devices now, in the Network Explorer – but the storage icon disappears and reappears. I can’t really do anything with it.

WD - tell me what I’m doing wrong! I need to get to my files, and back up my laptop!


UPDATE: Found this @ and I think I can do what I need to, again (after doing various things with SMB et al):

Check the following registry key - \HKEY)CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2
Delete anything with ## in front of it. Then restart the computer
If I ever have an issue with disconnected drives or drives with red X’s against them showing up. Deleting these keys usually resolves it.