New Idea

Maybe this has been done maybe not. Since the Hub is a media player I am sure most of you want it as a local device to show all media. For some reason hard drive space etc you want to show movies that you have on a DVD, Bluray or whatever. I created a small 1 sec video file and renamed it to the media that was on my shelf. This way I can attach a thumb, xml file and put it whereevr I want on the hum to be able to be viewed over the TV

Yup, I’ve done that before, too.

But it doesn’t even need to be valid MEDIA file.

It can be a zero-length file as long as the EXTENSION is recognized as the media type.

Heck of a lot easier, too, than creating actual video content… 

Just go to the folder via Windows, Right -click, and select NEW --> Text File  and rename it.

cool I thought about that when people was having problems with xml files on folders naming a folder a media file cool


I’m confused, exactly WHAT are you doing?

Making a list of movies you have on DVD or Blue Ray (but NOT on your hub) that displays on the Hub?

I guess I’m just not thinking well this morning because I’m totally lost…

I must be on the same medication, 'cause I don’t get what they mean either!

Oh, I think I know-they are using the hub as a library of what they have on the shelves in “hard copy”-correct?

That Is Correct

I still don’t get it!!!

What’s the point???:cry:

It would be like having a visual representation of your entire movie library, including all hard copy. As a suggestion it might be a good idea to include a cue in the movie title to indicate that the particular movie is hard copy. IE “(2011) The Scorpion King 3 - DVD 255”

I’m stumped too!

I get the point of what they are trying to do do, I just don’t see how a zero length, or 1 second video file, can contain a list of all the films on your shelf.

Some of us on here are novices at this, and the language used (xmls, etc) is totally baffling.

It doesn’t contain a list. It’s the name of the file that is part of the list!

At least that is how I understand how it works. Though I could be wrong! :wink:


Does the ‘zero-length’ file refer to a list back on your PC, which can somehow be displayed?  … or do you need a separate ‘zero-length’ file (+ thumb), for every DVD or blu-ray in your collection?   That I could understand.

Ok sorry to confuse so many. The 1 sec video acts as a dummy file and I reuse it as many times as I need I just rename it per each movie that I have on the shelf. I do this so the hub can pick it up as a media file as Tony said you don’t even have to use a video file just name a folder a video extension. Example take a movie folder and it was named movie now name it movie.avi.

My reason to do this is to have all the media in my house listed whether they are on hard drives and can be imediatly accsessed or on discs on the shelf. Plus with the new firmware it is nice to have trailers for my movies and this way allows me to have trailers to videos on the shelf

I did take TW coverboxes and redid the bu-ray box and made one for hddvd that specifically says at the bottom Video On Disc this way I know it is on the shelf.

I hope this clarifies and helps in understanding why I did it