New Hub models coming: 500GB and 2TB

Someone asked in another forum if the 1TB Hub and Live Streaming models were being discontinued because they are out of stock many places, so I researched a bit and found the answer at J&R.  There are two new models of Hub coming soon, (perhaps the 1TB is discontinued) and the Live Streaming, although out of stock,  appears to hang around a while longer.  See this link for details:

Edit:  the above site is under maintenance right now, so I checked another big NYC retailer – B&H, and have more info.  They already have the 2TB in stock and the 500GB model is due in mid-April.  Se this link:

I honestly don’t see any other upgrades to the units other than the drive size.  Hub owners might know what else is changing.

Been talked about on this forum already.

Thanks for the heads up . . .   and I looked for some messages before I posted.  Anyway, I did see that it was just put in stock at Amazon on the day of my posting.


On the 2TB hub:

It is very very easy to pop one of these open

When U do

Is the Green WD20NPVT 2.0 TB 2.5" SATA III 15MM HDD used?


Is it a new Blue 2TB HDD?


Is it two 1TB HDD?

If its not out there no one will know, I am guessing its the cheapest option. :slight_smile:

Bit if its the same box there is no space for two.