New hard drives for MCM ( Clean install / setup, no RAID-autorebuild )

Hello fellow folks out there!

I would like to put in a new pair of hard drives in my MCM and have a clean installation/setup in order to restore it to factory settings, and perform a personalized setup satisfying my needs from that point on.

There is this most common and comfortable suggestion to swap one drive, wait for the RAID to auto-rebuild, swap the other drive and wait again. But I do not want this at all! My goal is to bring my MCM back to a factory-setting based condition no matter what kind of hard drives the MCM houses.

My question is: Is there any Modus Operandi on how to carry this out?

Thanks in advance!:wink:

Why won’t a factory reset/restore do what you want?

Because I plan to install bigger hard drives in near/far future. And one never knows how many POWER_ON_HOURS the hard drives already have under their belt on first sight.

Besides: If one gives an factory-reset MCM with their original hard drives away just like that, one also is likely to give the ( deleted ) data on it away as well. Who knows what might happen if your personal data ( hence being deleted ) gets clamped in the wrong hands? It’s nowadays not a big deal to restore data from a hard drive anymore.

I once saw a TV broadcast years ago about buying used hard drives on eBay, and IT experts restored highly valuable personalized data which were claimed to be deleted by the previous owners.