New firmware

i am using vista ultimate and after setting up my new wd tv live streaming and upgrading to firmware V.1.04.12 i was able to add my share folder to my media library thru setup.
after now upgrading to V.1.05.18 i can no longer add the share folder to my medial library as its says the the  file is read only.

the file has always been read only as windows is nortorious for being unable to
remove the read-only attribute so am curiuous as to what occured in the new firmware to  create this.

the irony is that i was really happy to upgrade as the first line of the release notes says
“Supports adding network share folders into “My Media Library” (Use options button).”

as anyone yet had this happen and is there a solution.?
many thanks
 for any assistance

I have set my shares on my Win 7 workstation to read/write (no individual files have the ‘read only’ attrib set).  With that, SMP can access and use and update and delete any content as needed in those shares (such as the meta data and thumbs it scrapes off the net for TV and Movies).

Put the effort into ensuring your shares are read/write for everyone (or at least the ID you are using to access PC from your SMP).  I simply set my to eveyone is read/write to keep it easy.  No individual files are set to ‘read only’.  Not sure what you are referring to about Windows having an issue removing the ‘read only’ attrib.  Haven’t experienced that one in my years of pro I.T. support.

After a firmware update, you sometimes need to remove the link/media library setup in the SMP (do this in the settings menu area).  Once your media library links are removed, recreate them.  I have found that has helped in the past.