New Firmware

New firmware and Dlna Media Server Not share multiple share directory.

for a full week. wrestling with the machine
It’s like I’m doing production

You must be really agonizing last modified.
debian linux is not something so hard.


apt-get install hddtemp
cd / usr / share / misc

hddtemp -d / dev / sda

add windows telnet companent

write a new cmd file

@ Echo off
telnet  Nas-ip 7634 ( 7634 is Tcp protocol port ) 


telnet 7634


Netcat for windows open soruce

nc.exe 7634

nc64.exe 7634

cmd output
| / dev / sda | WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0 | 54 | C |
real-time temperature

Hi, if you want to make a suggestion for the My Book Live firmware, you can do it from the ideas section. 

Network Product Ideas

yes I have a suggestion.
you do not do this kind of work.