New firmware with USB key

Hi guys with the new update I started having problem with my my device.

Every time I insert the USB key It does not get detected by the WD live. When I rempve it from WD and plug it in my laptop I get the message that the drive has errors and asks me if I want to fix or continue without fix. When I fix it and put it back in the WD Live It will get detected and works fine. But once I turn off the device, and on again the problem occurs again and the drive gets error and needs fixing.

This problem happened to 2 USB drives so I dont think it is my USB drive. Anyone can help please

PS. I have posted this in another topic but I’m trying to delete it. Because I do not think anyone will read it there

No one has an idea:mansad:

How are you formatting these USB keys?

NTFS why?

You need to make sure you EJECT the drive before you power it off.