New Firmware update does not include the new Netflix Interface which is disappointing

This evening I discovered that there was a new firmware update, was pleased to see that happening after a long while which I think the last update was in December 2013, got excited only to be let down that the Netflix has not updated itself to the spectacular new interface that is shown on the other players such as Roku 3 or Smart Tvs.

Please can you communicate with Netflix (we customers don’t want you and Netflix saying “it’s the other side that is the problem” as you both do need to work on this as it will benefit all as you need to showcase the WDTV live that includes the latest version of Netflix keeping up to date with other devices.

Also an important thing to ask you is can we have the same style of subtitles that we select in the subtitles appearance options on the website. We are getting the lousy yellow subittles which is bit of eyesore and also difficult to read when in bright scenes such as Breaking Bad which is shown in broad daylight. We would be most grateful if you could arrange this at great urgency please.

On the plus side, it is nice to see the updates for BBC iPlayer (would like to see the playback banner to disppear after selecting play and the option of selecting the size of the subtitles), also good to see BBC Sport finally and would like to see itv player and also 4oD that can also play subittles due to myself being deaf.

Also is there any way of automatically move the subtitles into the “video area” not in the black border area, I have found that XBMC can do this.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

if you want netflix you bought the wrong device

quote from WD’s website

“You don’t need another player for Netflix. You need a player for your personal stuff”

they clearly have no intention on adding netflix, and seeing what they’ve added in the most recent firmware I can understand why

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You probably have not looked properly on the WDTV Live but definitely has Netflix on the device but to make this clearer to you it does not  have the the new revamped UI (User Interface). To give you an idea on what I am talking about is please see this picture below:

And also the new Netflix version carries over the new style subtitles.

Hope you can look into this if you’re from WD.

Thank you

I know the wdtv live / plus / live streaming / hub / etc all very well

your posting in a forum for the WDTV Media Player that does not have netflix

even those old devices that have netflix, I would not expect it to ever get the new UI

but who knows WD could suprise us in a couple of  years

[Deleted - be respectful]. I too would like to see this new netflix interface!

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This discussion is in the Wrong Forum (as KAD79 stated) … i will ask a mod to move this discussion

The correct forum for discussing Netflix is the WDTV Live Streaming (SMP) Forum

Look at the Picture at the top of the forum: that’s the WDTV Media Player ( New Model, NO Netflix )



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Sorry for that as I was new to the news group - would be grateful if you could advise me where this formum has moved to please so I can subscribe to it.

Many thanks again.

Also I have WDTV Live by the way. Thanks.


I sent you a Pm with the direct link to the thread.

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