New firmware, now dashboard gone

I upgraded to the new firmware, now the dashboard has gone and I have no access to my MyBookLive

Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve tried everything… though I noticed its an amber light rather than a bright solid green on the front.anuary

Only bought it in January

Connected directly to PC… nothing

Reset Router… nothing

Change ethernet cable… nothing

Reset with paper clip… nothing

All I did was update the firmware and now it is [Deleted]??  I’m begining to loose faith in any NAS boxes, used to have a Netgear and that was [Deleted] as well.

Any help would be appreciated

I have the same issue, although in “fairness” to the new firmware, I was losing my dashboard frequently on the previous firmware. Power off/on to the MBL gets the dashboard back, but not for long.

do a power cycle to get the dashboard back and make sure your settings are correct; IP addres, workgroup, do the same on your router.

I gave up and sent WD a support request. They responded by suggesting I do a quick factory restore! Not a trivial task, nor quick (almost at 1Tb). Not to mention how do you do it if you have no connection.

If I end up moving all the files to different drive in order to do a restore, I will probably just return it. Which is why I’m glad I always buy stuff like this at Costco.

Mine was stuck in the boot cycle, tried everything so I’ve stripped it down and gonna try and recover the data. Pointless getting a warranty return as I need all this data on it and quickly. Costco now there’s an idea I’ll see if they sell them here in the uk