New firmware downgrades youtube audio

i have used my wdtv to watch youtube videos, and they worked fine. after the recent update, the audio from youtube is overdriven and distorted. just to make sure, i watched some of the same clips again. they were clear before the update, and are now unclear.

This is about the sixth time you’ve posted the same thing.

Did you even try the fix from a week ago, by resetting the WDTV after playing Flingo?

Seems to fix everyone else’s YouTube audio woes.

The Flingo seems buggy and causes several problems and “lockups”.

I replied in your other thread in General (cross-posting to different subforums is generally a no-no btw).

If you watch videos or play audio after using Flingo, there’s a good chance your audio will be distorted.

Power down / unplug your unit to fix it, as RG says.  

Can you confirm whether that is indeed the issue and whether that fixes it for you?

i had to unplug the unit after flingo froze it for a couple of hours. if that is the fix it should be working now. i wil chek.

as i said, i know it gets the attention of site moderators when i post in many forums, but it is a multifaceted problem, having to do with wdtv, youtube, firmware, and apparently flingo. i wasnt able to find any relavent info when searching for wdtv youtube audio (other than my own many posts). my apologies if this crowd of moderators is different from the norm, which would be that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. i will attempt to be more subtle…

Subtlety doesn’t always work but there’s a pretty helpful / knowledgeable crowd here.  :)

Hopefully WD will sort out 1.04.40 soon, some annoying bugs in there that aren’t quite offset by the new features…

Given the delay in the Hub getting an update, I suspect they’re holding off until they fix those issues.  

So if you see a Hub update, chances are a new Live/Plus release will shortly follow.

Might be worthwhile rolling back to 1.02.21 as a temporary solution to your YouTube issues (although that means losing Flingo, Deezer, etc in the short term).