New firmware? Any updates?

Are there any updates announced? Can we expect a firmware upgrade anytime soon? Other companies provide firmware updates regularly, it’s been 2 months since the last one. After all this is a community forum, we should at least be provided some type of update as to the status of any changes? 

WD never announces firmware plans until the day it’s posted.

 Other companies provide firmware updates regularly

Like who?

Like Seagate FreeAgent Theatre.

Also like QNAP, Panasonic, Netgear, Cisco,… but its probably unfair to compare such professional Companys with such like ehhm WD… *lol*

But it really interesting that i get allmost everytime i enable a Panasonic Device an Update, or if i log on to a QNAP there is allmost everytime a Updatenotice, the same with Netgear and Cisco, Updates all the Time…

The other Difference also is, they don’t have any real Bugs, but releases Updates regulary…

WD one the other Side has Bugs like Hölle but Updates are released twice in a Year only, and the Updates don’t fix Bugs, no, it mostly only to introduce new ■■■■ with new Bugs, known Bugs are ported 1:1 not only to the Updates, no, but also too to new Devices, like WDTVLIVE to WDTVLIVEHUB…

Until that don’t change, WD is, at least for me, no professional Company, well ok they are pro for HDD’s perhaps, but certainly not for Audio-Video-Devices and everything else… I never got an Sony, Panasonic or what ever Home-Audio-Video-Device with Bugs like the WD TV LIVE HUB has, never ever! And if also such Bugs where known on such Devices, then this is mostly catastrophic and the Company would bring out an Update and apologize immediatly, sometimes even a Backcall is initiated - but not WD, they don’t care about hunderts of People unhappy or reporting some Bugs, well at least its my Opinion i got since i the first Time ever buyed a WD Audio-Video Product 6-8 Months ago…

I kicked the WD TV LIVE only because the Auto-Framedetect Bug was never fixed, not even today it is fixed, instead they fixed it on the Hub, so i decided to kick the WDLIve and get the Hub instead hoping it will have less Bugs and also is updated again frequently, but instead i read the exact same crappy Translation Bugs allready present in the WDLIVE and also apart of the fixed Autoframedetect nothing really changed…

Looks like WD don’t realize the Difference between HDD’s and Audio-Video-Home-Entertainment Devices!!

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I have the Live, the Live +, and the Hub.  Honestly, I’ve given up on waiting for WD to fix issues, it’s just too annoying to think about really. The bottom line is, WD fixes/changes what they want, when they want.  In fact, I’ve noticed, as time goes on, there will be less and less firmware releases for their product.  Instead, WD will likely come out with a new device. 

I really like the WD devices and I feel they truly are the best on the market (of course the market stinks for media players in general).   Just have to go back to the 80’s mentality of technology with this idea - What comes out of the box, is what you get.  stinks but it’s the reality with WD media devices.

I guess on a positive spin.  A lot of the end user experience complaints from the Live and the Live+ were addressed in the Hub.  So they are listening.

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Seriously? you just registered and didn’t bother to read the second sticky in the firmware thread?

netwalkr wrote:

Seriously? you just registered and didn’t bother to read the second sticky in the firmware thread?

Look at the dates on this thread and then look at the date of the latest sticky.

His Said Sunday when I responded.  Took that as 0 days because it happend to be Sunday when I wrote that. My bad!

Hi WD Team,

can you please give the Community an timeline for the next Live Hub Firmeware update’s, and it would be nice

an Future fixed list?

Best regards


I know that this is an old thread, but I would just like to make a comment.  The first poster stated Seagate as updating their firmware regularly.

Well, as an owner of a FAT+ (that’s a Freeagent Theater +), I can say that an update once every 6 months is not that regular.   And they still have bugs in there system.  Also, they locked out users from being able to modify the firmware by encrypting it.   That is why I switched over to WD.

Tinwarble wrote:

Also, they locked out users from being able to modify the firmware by encrypting it.

WD Does that, too, on the Hub and the Live+.   As far as I know, the original Live is unencrypted.

There is B-Rad’s custom firmware for the Live+, so it can be altered.  As for the HUB, it’s my understanding that if someone was industious to take it on, it could also be customized, which is why there is a “Launcher” firmware in the GPL so that unofficial firmware can be flashed to the HUB.

Unlike the FAT+, which at the begining you could alter the firmware and add OPT-ware, Samba, whatever.  But about the 3rd or 4th update, they locked it out.  Not only that but the FAT+ can NOT be accessed from a PC.  You can access files on a PC from the FAT+, but not the otherway around.

That’s why I turned away from Seagate (who actually has a decent product).

And something else, Seagate had also used a new bootloader the firmware they locked the users out of, which made it impossible to rollback the firmware.

Agreed…  But if you look in the GPL README, if you use modified firmware, certain features are deleted.   I think WD mentioned some time ago that it’s the DRM keys that are scrubbed,  which means that the premium services (NetFlix / Blockbuster / etc.) will never work again… even if the stock firmware is re-installed.

True about the DRM keys, and yes, I was aware of that.

However, to my original point, (somehow there was a side track :smileyvery-happy:) which was the first poster pointing to Seagate as releasing firmware more frequently.  Which as a owner of FAT+ for almost 3yrs now, I know to be not the case and I only pointed to the other things to point out that even though users have request and requested a more user accessable firmware, Seagate has ignored it’s users and doesn’t seem to care.

Also, in all the time that I have used the FAT+, there has only been one beta firmware released, which was limited to only about 10 people (me being one), which I had to sign a confedentiality agreement to even test.