New EX2 Ultra Never Boots

My brand-new EX2 Ultra, right out of the box, never exits the “powering up” stage. The blue power light has been flashing (rapid flash, not the slow flash) for three days now. I’ve tried unplugging it for 1 minute and plugging it back in, I’ve tried the 4 second reset, and I’ve tried the 40 second reset. Both HD lights are solid blue, and the router knows it’s there - it has an IP address, and the name “MyCloudEX2Ultra.” Attempting to reach it via the IP address results in " refused to connect." I’ve contacted Support, but it seems to take them at least a week to respond. I’m wondering if I should just pack it up and return it to Amazon.

Try and . Usually It will present you with a login but won’t let you in saying something like “Device is still booting up”.
Or on both links you got refused?

Correct. Refused on either variant - but AFAIK, both resolve to just the IP address anyway. (http://mycloudex2ultra.local/ doesn’t work either…)

Yes, but different ports (80 and 443).

Good to know; thanks. Support wants me to give it a week… I’m sure that’s delaying the inevitable, but they’re in charge.

And… it’s been a week. I have to confess that I am absolutely baffled as to how any modern electronic device could take up to a WEEK to boot; I think they were just trying to delay the inevitable. At any rate, I guess there’s no fix because it was always DOA. It’s going back.

Its defective. Return it and get a new one (or a Synology).

Thanks; I already did both of those things and asked the mods to close this thread. :grinning: I do think they should dispense with the “just wait a week for it to boot…” advice, especially in cases like mine where everything else works (fast router, NAS recognized and IP address assigned; server drives scanned and approved.) It’s not great advertising.