New customer question

Hi there

I’m just considering whether I should buy a WD TV Live or Live Hub.  I can get a 2TB hard drive and plug it into the Live for about the same cost as the Live Hub.  My question though is whether the functionality of that setup would be basically the same?  

On the live can you drag and drop files on your computer over the network?  My understanding is that you can do that on the Live Hub right?

All I want to do is be able to easily transfer files to a network drive that will then stream, so I can just turn on the tv and watch some movies.  

Also, since I don’t have a blueray player, I guess transfer speed would be important to me, so I can rip a DVD and transfer it quickly over the network.  Thanks for your advice.

I would suggest that you get the Live Hub.  There is more content available for streaming.

Transferring files is possible to and from the Hub to and from almost any external device where you have ripped movie files.  Just keep in mind that the current  Live Hub uses USB 2.0 and the tranfer speeds are disappointing to some users.  I use a My Book Live on my home network;  My Book uses ehternet cable and the transfer rate from my PC to MY Book is fast and efficient.  In some cases, I rip my BD movies to MY Book Live, and then transfer them to the Hub overnight.

I think others may have a different point of view.  But I believe all will agree that the Hub is a better choice for most people.

The UI on the Hub is much better than the one on the Live. i used Live for a year, then bought the Hub a year and a half ago. The Hub is more stable overall, the Live kept forgetting the way to my NAS, for instance.

Thanks!  That solves that question for me.  I can live with slower transfer speeds, I’ll just hook the laptop up to the tv directly if I have a disc I want to play immediately.

Palavering, do you think the My Book Live would work as a standalone media server, assuming you’re using a tv with DLNA I guess?  I don’t want to buy two units, but I do like the sound of ethernet speeds as opposed to USB 2.0