New computer, now can't play MKV

Hi all.  Recently got a new computer have it set up within the WD TV Live and it plays the avi’s fine, but the MKV’s weren’t showing.  I thought, aha, Codecs.  DL’d the Shark 007 package and now the MKV’s show up, but get the not supported message.

Important to note that these files play fine using the other computer.  Is there another codec package you guys recommend that doesn’t require any changing of set ups or anything else to recommend?

Well, since this is not a PC forum, you should really ask PC questions you the forum for you PC brand.

But since you already asked, the Shark codec pac should allow you to play mkvs.  However, you need to make sure that you have the Shark Settings Application setup correctly.

Or you can just install VLC player.

Do you mean the mkv’s were not showing via your WDTV Live? What exactly is your problem.

Sorry Rich, I thought I was being clear, but apparently not.

In any case, installing DIVX codecs solved my problem.  Also sorry for posting in the WD Community and not a PC community.