New Codex

Could the WDTV video codex be updated to play

  1. File extension UCF - WebEx universal communications
  2. RMVB a newer variation of the standard Real Media (.RM)

These are very common in use in China and will great increase the take up of your device.

UCF isn’t a video file.  It’s a generic container that can contain video, audio, web pages, files, flash encodings, etc.

There are a few utilities out there on the internet that can strip the A/V files out of a UCF, and then you’d need to convert THOSE to a compatible format for the WDTV.

RMVB has been requested in the IDEAS LAB; you can go there and vote for it.


it will be great if RMVB is done. Unfortunately the majority of users of UCF are elderly Chinese and they don’t have the savvy to strip or convert, if it can’t be done for them the its a missed opportunely.

SERIOUSLY?   The majority of WEBEX Users are Elderly Chinese?    I must be missing SOMETHING!  :dizzy_face:

A lot of video gets distributed in that format, im only going on what i have seen and users i have talked to.

Um, dare I guess that a lot of pirated video gets distributed in that format?

Never saw anything in that format for sale (or anyone converting their own DVDs or blu-rays into that format).  Can’t imagine why WD would even bother with it.  But if I’m wrong post a link to a site where they legitimately sell something because I’m curious to see.