New-B with 8TB My Cloud Mirror - FTP question

It looks like teh MCM can be set up to do FTP, but is it possible to transfer files from a Unix Server to the MCM?  For example, I lease my own server on which I run some discussion forums.  Is it possible to to a backup of my remote leased Unix server TO the MyCloud Mirror?

Yes, Mirror has FTP server capability. But if you need to backup files from a remote server onto the Mirror, to use ftp you need ftp client functionality, not server functionality (UNLESS you were thinking of ftping FROM the Unix server TO Mirror…in which case you can but you’d have to open up port 21 on your router of the network where Mirror would be kept…and for many opening ports on router can seem complicated). However, if you’re thinking of backing things up as a one-time (i.e. non-recurring) thing then you could use an ftp client on a PC to connect to the ftp server running on the Unix server and download the files and then connect to the Mirror via local network and copy those e files over (or if you like you can upload them to Mirror via ftp too…but why bother with ftp over local network).

If you are looking for a direct Mirror server to Unix server solution, then you can SSH into the Mirror and use wget utility to access files via ftp from the Unix server. I know wget is installed in the firmware but I have used it to fetch files via http and https, but you should be able to fetch files using ftp as well. Google wget ftp for syntax and examples. But this too will be a manual process.

There might be other options too, like rsync, and I think Mirror’s web dashboard provides a GUI to setup rsync jobs and possibly even schedule recurring jobs…but I’m not sure.

The Mirror web dashboard has apps for HTTP, FTP and P2P downloads which might do the job.

It can also do remote backups, but that’s the wrong way around (Mirror backing up to the network device, not the other way around).

Thanks.  It seems like the FTP functionality will allow me to FTP into teh MyCloud using an FTP client.  I’m hoping there is a way to set up my remote server to backup over the internet to the MyCloud.   My guess is you can’t but I’m holding out hope.

DarrenHill, thanks, I didn’t realize ftp client functionality was built into the dashboard. That should make this user’s task very handy. Thanks for pointing this out.