New app - Anti-Virus Essentials

Easy to use Anti-Virus application that enables on demand or scheduled virus scans done in the background for your entire My Cloud system.


The announcement gave no link to the app.  Where did you locate it?


I just went to Apps in Dashboard. There is also DVBLink app from

That easy, eh?  Duh, dumb me.  Thanks. 

FYi, I ran it on my Public folder.  Took quite a while; no issues.  Afterward, I ran Norton Security scan on same folder.  18,000+ files later, same result and may have taken less time. 

… but on the NAS you can schedule the virus-scan to happen out of hours and quarantine questionable files. If using an EX or DL at home, schedule a virus scan when you go to to your bed and give it the big ZZZZzzzzz…

Best thing. only the NAS ihas to be on.

For anyone who is interested, It’s Clam Anti-Virus that’s being used.

Good points, and I hope ClamAV on our NAS gets frequent uodates like my Norton Security does on PC.

It does.