New 4K system and cameras

A few days after buying a new ReadyView 4 MP system, I just found out there is a new 4K system from WD - WDBAEM0060HWT-HESN, with a 6 TB HDD and 4* 4K cameras.
Any idea if the new 4K cameras can be added to the 4MP NVR (backward compatible, so to speak), or is the 4K NVR required in order to support the higher resolution? Not sure if the only difference between the NVR’s that come with the different systems is the HDD capacity, or are we talking about completely different processors and chipsets, etc.?

Should be no problem at all.

really ? i have a non WD NVR and it does not like different resolution cameras to the ones that came with it.

which makes sense if the NVR was designed to support recording at certain resolutions, bitrates and codecs then adding a camera that is outside that spec, will not be supported.

I think it’s unlikely a 4K Camera will be backwards compatible.

Thanks Joey, but we are talking about the uniview based build NVR now labeled WD Readyview. It’s very robust. Are you considering switching NVRs?